One day at the beginning of 2019, we have had a chance to meet Nguyen Huynh Tho, an excellent girl who won Best Oralist Prize in UEL Moot Court Competition 2018  (UEL MCC 2018). Although the conversation between us was not too much, she has shared warmly lots of beautiful memories she had with her team and also some valuable experiences derived from this competition. Moreover, especially with any student who wants to know more about moot or having an intention to take part in moot court competition in the future, these techniques shared by her below may be so helpful and worth learning for sooner preparation.

Good morning Huynh Tho,

Congratulations to you on becoming the best oralist of UEL MCC 2018. It is certain that you have many thoughts and feelings to share with everyone. So how do you feel after achieving this prize?

After achieving this prize, I was so happy and speechless. Until now, I couldn’t believe that I have won this prize because I am just a second-year student and what I expected was to qualify to the semi-final round. Therefore, becoming the best oralist of UEL MCC 2018 was incredible and beyond my expectation. As a result, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Legal Research and Advisory Club, the judges in this competition and all my teammates for supporting me to win “the best oralist” prize of UEL MCC 2018.

Have you ever participated in any moot court competition before UEL MCC 2018? And why did you decide to participate in this competition?

Before applying to UEL MCC 2018, I have participated in the Moot Tryout Competition in Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. The reason for me to join in this competition is having a chance to gain more experience in researching, writing and debating in law.

When you took part in the competition, teamwork played an important role in success. Could you share with us your journey to find cooperative and bonding teammates?

As you have said, teamwork played an important role in our success. My story began when I saw the post of UEL MCC 2018 on its fanpage and decided to challenge myself. Then, I asked my friend, Anh Thu, to join with me. At that time, she was very busy. But finally, she agreed to become my teammate and prepared her best to enter into the competition, About the other member in my team, Phuong Doanh, I feel so lucky because she could set her schedule for participating in this competition and accepted my request.

Did you have any memorable memories during the competition?

Of course, during our process of writing the memorials and practicing to debate for the final round, we discussed and argued a lot to prepare arguments which are as strong and reasonable as possible. Although each of us had our own opinions, we finally managed to deal with and unify them. These memories were so fun and exciting that I never can forget.

During two months you participated in this competition, what were obstacles you have to deal with? And how did you overcome these difficulties?

During two months we participated in this competition, we had to face with many difficulties, especially with our different ideas on the same issues. We also faced up to the lack of solution to solve the problem happened. Therefore, we tried our best to find the legal frame through the CISG database and some documents on the Internet to complete our arguments.

Your presentation on oral hearing was evaluated very high with lots of praises from the judges, so what were your studying methods to have an excellent performance like that?

Thank you for giving such high praise on my presentation. Before the Oral rounds, I watched the Moot debating videos on Youtube and learned how to present efficiently in a Moot Court competition. Besides, I also search for some skills on the Internet to fill my lack of experiences. Moreover, I would like to thank the UEL Moot Court Organization Committee for posting some useful oral tips on your fanpage. These tips were very supportive for me to bring my best to the oral hearing in the final round.

What’s your opinion about Moot Problem in this competition? Can you tell us your team’s process of writing Memoranda?

In consideration of moot problem, its content was very interesting and challenging for our team. About the process of writing the Memoranda, we have some difficulties in struggling to learn how to write a qualified Memorandum. We often dealt with many obstacles like which word would be appropriate in these circumstances, or how to arrange the contents logically. However, thank to this process, we have so many memorable memories borne in our mind.

Your team was very excellent to have a good oral presentation in the Final round with confident English speaking skills. So would you mind sharing with all students some useful tips to learn English in general and Legal English in details?

Thank you so much for your praise. To learn Legal English in general, I have read much legal documents to learn new words. I also watch some movies relating to legal lawsuit, which was very helpful for my major. Especially thanks to attending Moot Competition, I have a motivation to learn new legal English words through reading and searching for the documents.  

In addition to legal knowledge you have, how can you improve your style in performance and debating fluently? What are your keys to be a confident oralist in hearing?

For performance and debating fluently, we drafted scripts for debating based on our Memoranda before hearing. Then, we spent time rehearsing with each other. I also practiced my speeches in front of a mirror to control expressions on my face. This process helped me gain more confidence.

Why do you try your best in achieving goals on moot court?

I tried my best in achieving goals on moot court because practicing law is one of my favorite activities in Mooting session. I always tell myself before joining any activity that I have to bring my best, no matter what, to achieve the goal I set for myself.

Would you kindly share with us your plan in the future?

In near future, I would love to participate in more Moot competitions to gain more skills for myself and make new friendships with others.

I’d very appreciate it if you could share your feedback about UEL MCC 2018 so that we can improve better in the next competition?

UEL MCC 2018 was organized professionally and carefully. My only concern is some typing errors in the Moot Problem. However, the Organization Committee managed to correct them very quickly. I literally appreciated that.

Could you give your own advice and experience on studying law and moot court for students?

Studying law is a long process. When you look at it first, you might find it boring and difficult to achieve the goal. However, when you get into it and have to face with challenges, you would find it really interesting and enjoyable. Of course, at the beginning, it would be very hard to look for an appropriate answer, but when you finally solve out the problem, the feeling will be great and give you a passion to keep studying and intend to join in Moot activities. So that’s what I got in UEL MCC 2018.

Thank you so much, Ms. Nguyen Huynh Tho. Your sharing is actually exciting and helpful. Once again, congratulate on your success at UEL Moot Court Competition 2018 and we hope you will always keep your beautiful memories regarding this competition.  Wish you all the best for new year in your life and your career.